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Cash AppCash App

    To send with Cash App send to $skillgamers or $fishingtablegames

Although frustrating to use at first, Cash App is an excellent tool to send and receive your winnings instantly once your verified. Also the only method that offers a Promotion for free $10 gameplay for signing up. You must link a debit card or bank account and use that debit card or bank account when sending your purcahse to qualify for this promotion.




You can send money with American Express Serve and Bluebird by sending funds to

Serve is Available at Walmart, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven. Serve does charge a monthly fee.  Bluebird is available at Walmart. Also you must wait to receive your actual card in the mail before you can use the Serve App to send us money. You will not be to send money with the temporary card you initially receive. Finally, Serve has sending and receiving limits and we usually max out on both in the middle of the month.


$10 minimum purchase required. 

Our Skill Games are not legal in the following States: Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, South Dakota, South Carolina,Tennessee, and Vermont. You may play the Free Demo mode of Fishing World 2 or purchase points to play knowing you can only win points and not cash out real money.  Attempting to Cash Out from the following States will result in the suspension of your account. All customer must verify their Idenity by sending the front and back of a valid government issued photo identification.  Customer that have registered less then 90 days are restrcted  to $100 per day, $500 per week and/or $1,000 per month. To increase said restictions please contact us for further verification.

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